Therapeutic exercise is an integral part of the patient's path to wellness. Our goal is to get you out of the clinic and back into the game or the garden with minimal downtime. Our approach focuses on improving mobility and stability while increasing strength. Posture, body mechanics and stability are a continual emphasis throughout the treatment process. Initially, therapeutic exercises are designed to increase range of motion and strength while limiting inflammation.

Core stabilization is a cornerstone of our approach to exercise. The body will work best when in a state of optimal alignment. Body mechanics and posture are key components in helping achieve this goal. A special emphasis is placed on posture and body mechanics to improve patient utility and stability. As patients progress through the healing process the emphasis will shift toward strength and endurance.

Pilates mat and reformer exercises are highly effective tools to teach body awareness and spinal stabilization. Many of the basic Pilates mat exercises mimic postures used in Pilates reformer exercise as well as daily activity. Pilates reformer is an excellent tool to improve flexibility, core strength and stability and teach body awareness. The reformer can provide a near gravity-free training environment for geriatric, post-surgical or spinal patients. The reformer is extremely adaptable and can be used to easily modify movements to meet the needs of the patient.